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Hello! Proud misanthrope here
(04-13-2019, 05:04 PM)Pookie NumNums Wrote: Does it have to be about me and what happened to me for me to think like this?   Can't the rape , theft , murder, people tortured since the beginning of humanity be enough to despise and hate the human race and hate being part of the human race?     The vile disgusting things that people do to each other is enough for me to despise being human.

Yes there is rape, theft, murder, torture, and a slew of other negative traits associated with the human species. There is also kindness, concern, empathy, and compassion just as frequently. For every suicide bomber there is somebody that would throw themselves on top of an explosive device to stop it from hurting others.

Hell I just read this news piece about this gentleman in Africa that rents a massive water truck and fills a watering hole for wild animals whenever there is a drought.

We're a species that is both capable of igniting a building full of infants so that it will go up in flames but we're also the same species that would be first in line to rush through the hell fire to rescue those babies. We flew planes into the twin towers but we're the same species that saw the first tower collapse but STILL marched into the second tower to rescue innocent people knowing that we would almost certainly perish in the effort.

We're flawed, cruel, and dangerous but capable of enormous feats of bravery and selflessness. Don't judge the whole based on a single part. Try to look at the positives.
This above all: to thine ownself be true.
And it must follow, as the night the day,
Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things a person needs to believe in the most. That people are basically good; honor, courage, and virtue mean everything; money and power mean nothing; that good always triumphs over evil. You remember that. Doesn't matter if it's true or not. A man should believe in those things, because those are the things worth believing in.

(04-12-2019, 09:45 PM)Pookie NumNums Wrote: Good day !   I am an extreme misanthrope  well minus the avoids society.   Not sure how people can be in this world and avoid society. 
You have no idea how much of a cancer I think the human race is.   We are disgusting creatures who need to be exterminated. 
This however doesn't give me free reign to be mean to people or treat them bad.   I do however absolutely hate having to deal with society. 
If someone sat me down at a table and said if you push that button in front of you it will make Earth explode.  I would press it without hesitation.   Seriously

I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of how "people" as a whole seem to be.  But I wouldn't press a button to blow up the whole world.  There's too much good, or at least neutral, people I have no beef with, not to mention all the animals, to get rid of a little bad, however bad the bad might be.  Besides, I live here too.

I would, however, press a button to make a few select individuals explode (no one here, all from my personal life).  Or press a button to make myself extremely strong and indestructible, teleport to their location and beat them to a pulp.

(04-13-2019, 09:44 AM)Ecclesiastes Wrote: No one's whining or blaming anyone. And why is denying affirmation of life always read as such? It's simply a statement of observation. Some people are exhausted of the state of society and existence in general. It is what it is. And many people do attempt to make changes to increase their quality of life. Doesn't necessarily mean it will miraculously re-shape their outlook.

You can have a positive attitude until you are blue in the face.  Doesn't mean it will actually change anything for the better.  If all it does is change how you feel about it, well, alcohol can do that too, with about as much success at actually fixing anything.  There's some things that aren't changed by a person's attitude no matter what it is.  And beating someone over the head with "you're weak/you suck because you have a negative attitude" is not only unhelpful, but inaccurate.  Some things are bigger than a person's attitude.

(04-16-2019, 07:11 AM)Siku Wrote: I'm a moderate whom despises ultra conservatism and egocentric people make my blood boil thinking they are so sure of themselves of what a person is. Constantly making someone feel entirely misunderstood or "flawed" as if it's going to suddenly help, and that such an approach is so damn new. Guess what? It's not. "You guys'"? Lmao. How many canvas' have you painted here in such haste? And this guy, from those few sentences and 3 posts, where did you get those vast traits of the OP??

Gee, does belittling someone help any? Or are you hypocritically just venting your own views of politics and society too now?
With the push of a button, would you eliminate all whiners, liberals, SJWs, and/or people who play the victim?

It could be many things. Conditioning/experiences, anxiety, or mental health to name a few that could have caused some people to become pessimists. The human race clearly needs more empathy, kindness, and love as cheesy as it may freaking sound. NOT to be confused with coddling. And most importantly, everyone needs to stop treating other people like they're a lesser IQ or childish. Unfairly comparing them to others. From where I stand it looks to me that you both are the same but just on two different sides of the spectrum.

Not that entirely much different advice than you telling this guy to be more hopeful and not a pessimist/letting people get to them, no?

Some food for thought.

And I will openly admit, I'm hypocritically venting/defending because I'm personally a pessimist of society and keep to myself because of ultra conservatism. You can't fit into a world that misunderstands you and constantly tells you that you aren't right in the head.
Conservatives get further in life because we're in the world of survival of the fittest and materialistic WANTS. I disagree with you because some people are just more self-aware of the world in a very realistic way that they feel they don't belong and are naturally seeking similar mindsets. Hence the pessimism when one feels alone. Ya know, the 'majority' you claim is here. Wanting just the simple things in life and not being materialistic in the slightest doesn't always equate to someone being the victim, "latching", or they're stubborn. ANY side or viewpoint has the potential of being a realist based on their own reality of what they want in life.  Respect that.

Back on-topic ;
You are to take such pessimism with a grain of salt. Especially from this OP, they in fact did say :
"This however doesn't give me free reign to be mean to people or treat them bad."

That screams to me that they aren't serious about it, and they probably just feel this way because some people were mean/assholes to them.

No point in stating the obvious or repeating what others have said already. In my humble opinion, I feel we are missing entirely too much context, and this thread shouldn't have been taken as seriously as it has been. Everyone knows right and wrong, and I'm sure the OP wouldn't truly press the button. This is a hypothetical vent. Nothing more.

I definitely feel like a lot of people who like to write others off as "whiners", don't actually care about helping.  They're just bullies, looking to assert their own ego.  

I've felt for a long time like, just because life was survival of the fittest before, doesn't mean it has to be now and forever.  What if there was a gentler way, especially now, that wasn't available before?  What if even if we can't get rid of it entirely yet, we could at least soften it a little bit?  Would that be so bad?

I don't have anything else to add that you haven't already said very well.  Good points.

(04-17-2019, 02:35 AM)Rodent Wrote: Not everyone has the power within themselves to keep up their spirits. Some people's perception is quite tainted and it's not just because they aren't thinking right, sometimes it's the experience of things constantly sucking horribly.
I'm not even that big on empathy, but there's always tact and diplomacy. At least when you care more about getting the message across instead of just getting it out.

Agreed.  Sometimes things really are that bad.  Sometimes a person isn't being negative because they want to.  Definitely agree extra about that last point.  It gets (intentionally) forgotten much to often.

(04-19-2019, 04:17 PM)Hoarse Whisperer Wrote: Hell I just read this news piece about this gentleman in Africa that rents a massive water truck and fills a watering hole for wild animals whenever there is a drought.

That's really awesome, Hoarse Smile  Very heartwarming.

(04-13-2019, 04:17 AM)Enpatsu No Shakugan Wrote: I'm really sick of this ultra pessimism "hate everyone" approach so many people here latch onto and dwell on.

Maybe it's your guys' mindsets that's the problem, not everyone else's.

Change is possible, but it'll never happen with such stubborn mindsets that take the easy way out of simply whining and blaming everybody else; instead of making action to DO something about it. Gee, is whining and complaining helping anything? Or does it just make you feel worse?
Get off your ass, stop complaining, and start making changes if you don't like something. Whiners are just infuriating.

Thank you. Someone had to say it.  I recommend to OP to try and be the light they want to see shining in this world.  It would make them much more AWESOME!!!! My two cents.

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