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Facebook Question
Facebook has a reputation for helping people find lost loved ones and law enforcement utilizes it in their investigations.  So it seems ok.  Awhile back I joined it to like familiar people and businesses.

Now I find my email box filled with "friend notifications".  Out of curiosity, I've checked a few of them and I don't know them, they have nothing, nothing in common with me and some speak no English at all.  This leaves me to wonder if those people actually contact me or if Facebook is just dumping a bunch of random names into my box.

Has anyone successfully used Facebook to make friends or date people?
Facebook is extremely cancerous. I woulda offed myself a long time ago if I hadnt deleted mine. Between people thinking they have a right to talk about you like your not there because its not face to face and having to remove myself from any ability to contact my ex for my own sanity, its just not worth it. The people you really know can have your phone number in my opinion. Nobody else needs that much access to your mind or your life.
Facebook is what you make it, the same as any other place online.  

I know people who have found dates on social media and friends too, but you can and will get various bogus requests from people just trying to up their friend count and some of them could be trying to scam you.  Stay away from those that are in foreign countries unless you know them and it's a good idea to stick to the ones that speak English.
Want to talk?  Check out the CHAT ROOM 

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I've met a few gems on Facebook.
dunno, i meet a lot of people through facebook. then again i always already have full confirmation that they're real and they're usually via via connections. Smile

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