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Incels are a hate group. There is no debate.
(04-20-2019, 12:09 PM)ardour Wrote: Calling it 'hate', as in a hate movement, is buying into the social justicy type mentality where kind any offensive or intentional hurtful speech is "violence".

You know what's funny, sometimes these dudes will actually have reasonable posts for a while. Then all the sudden, as soon as someone says anything negative about attraction or the dating system, they abruptly change from reasonable to apeshit, and never go back to being reasonable again. I just don't get why they defend it so hard, when it's been more or less as shitty to them as it's been to the people complaining about it. Even if they don't agree, you would think that they'd at least understand the people having a hard time enough to know where they're coming from.

It makes me think that "buying into the social justicy type mentality" really means "buying into crack rocks".
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