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Male circumsision? What's your opinion.
I got into this discussion with my co worker the other day. 

Can anyone explain to me the point of circumcising young boys that has nothing to do with religion, or the nonsense claim that it's "healthier" or "cleaner"?

I myself am circumcised, and I'm perfectly fine. But something tells me when I was a little baby I didn't enjoy having part of my flesh cut off without my permission, and I'm sure I'd be perfectly fine as an adult if it hadn't been done. 

Obviously female circumcision is insane. Though from my understanding of the topic, if a "female style circumcision" were to be performed on a boy, it would involve cutting off more than the foreskin. Female circumcision is a lot more drastic, and done for absolutely insane reasons like "male pleasure" and to control female sexuality. ( Three seconds of google search so forgive me for not knowing more about that topic, but it sounds absolutely fucked up. )

I guess my question is why are we cutting ANYTHING off of children, or anyone, without their permission? Antiquated belief systems? Old wives tales that it's cleaner or better for the child? I'm asking is there any reason that isn't bat shit crazy? Why is it socially acceptable to circumcise a young man?
Personally, I am against circumcision. There really is no proof medically, that It is cleaner or healthier to circumcise boys. Some people will feel differently about it, it is a hot button topic... but I say, "if it aint broke, don't fix it"

Babies are made perfect and everything they come with should stay intact... with the exception of like... an extra head or a third leg.....
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I'm not for or against circumcision.  Both my kids are circumcised, but with my oldest, they screwed it up, so he's only like half circumcised.  It does take more work to make sure it stays clean, but not that much more.  

If you want to take off an unnecessary part at birth, how about we go for the appendix .lol
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Against. The health reasons came up much later and I think they often serve as a post-hoc justification more than a genuine belief. It goes back to the "covenant" the Jews had with their god or something like that. The Christians don't care much about it, but the Muslims adopted it and some of the latter apply it "equally" to men and women out of principle. I think we have reached the stage where most medical professionals are against doing it routinely because of supposed minor health benefits which you can get by just cleaning your junk. But a hundred years ago we also had people in the US and Europe believing that it prevents boys from touching their wiener (controlling male sexuality anyone?). If I recall correctly, you can thank the lunatic Dr. Kellogg for that and the popularization of circumcision in the US back then - that's why the number of uncut men is much higher in Europe. I mostly blame blind tradition. Lastly, they also shared similar beliefs about women which resulted in the occasional advocacy for some form of minor female circumcision. Not too long ago there were cases of people performing it illegally here or shipping girls and women off for a circumcision trip overseas. To the point where some doctors wanted to offer a "ceremonial nick" under hospital conditions to prevent such activities.

I would prefer the junk of either sex be left alone unless you really want to do it as an informed adult.
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