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Let it go?
Well I think you set it up for failure the 1st time you asked. YOu mentioned only asking if she'd like to go out sometime? You should have asked her with definitive time and place. Like that Friday or Sat. YOu left it open ended? I agree if she's not replying at all now I'd move on.
From my own experience and prespective (so maybe you can see what it’s like coming from the other person’s point of view)

When a guy asks for my number and I am uninterresred in him (many factors in my life can play a part in the disinterest: busy life, stressed, can’t be bothered with others, want to be a lone, self loathing, no attracted to him physically, not a cat, etc.) I may give him my number ONLY because sometimes I feel too guilty to say no to his face. Having to hurt someone, or reject them can make a person feel terrible.

I can understand from her perspective why she may have given you the number, and maybe why she replied back so late. Maybe it’s a circumstantial coincidence that she encountered the unfortunate family event, but whatever her reason is, if she’s not responding back then just leave it and not waste your time and effort.  You can’t force someone to eat a well done steak if they prefer medium rare.  If someone doesn’t like you doesn’t mean you should give up. Just learn that we all have different tastes in things which is normal

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