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Love that dog of yours
You would fall in love with him. He's my gorgeous flawed, floppy eared corgi. Some say he has border collie or kelpie in him. I don't know. I let him boss me around sometimes. Until he goes over the top. Then I have to remind him who is boss. Not that I enjoy that part. I don't like being the role of tough authority. But sometimes you have to. because you are responsible for their behaviour.
A good relationship with a pet dog will ease a lot of your stress. 
You know sometimes I see him trying to understand my chatting to him. I tell him all my issues. God Bless him for just trying to do that. They have such purity. They haven't been screwed up with sin and hatred like human beings. 
Human beings are capable of incredible love. But that potential can go the other way. In other words, be extraordinarily hateful.
Dogs are more reliable....imo.
[Image: 4948457-Charles-de-Gaulle-Quote-The-bett...more-I.jpg]
So true!
(04-22-2019, 07:24 AM)ahsatan Wrote: lol
So true!

well i wont go the misogynist route. females can be just as obnoxious as men.
I am sure Charles de Gaulle thought of PEOPLE , in general……..

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