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Do you think this relates to a search?
I think it's seriously reaching....

Marking tires to enforce parking rules is like entering property without a search warrant, a federal court said Monday as it declared the practice unconstitutional in Michigan and three other states.
Alison Taylor had received more than a dozen $15 tickets for exceeding the two-hour parking limit in Saginaw. The city marks tires with chalk to keep track of how long a vehicle is parked. Her lawyer argued that a parking patrol officer violated the Fourth Amendment right against unreasonable searches.
A three-judge panel of the appeals court agreed.
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What? How else are the police supposed to know how long a car has been parked in a spot without marking a tire?

It could be argued that there is a posted restriction, in her parking there knowing the restriction she is allowing the police to mark her tire to track how long it's been there. When you park in an area that has a time limit you are accepting those terms, if you violate them you should be ticketed and pay the fine. This person is just trying to manipulate the law and get away with breaking the parking laws. The police have jurisdiction to mark your tires, just like they have the right to subject you to a breathalyzer if they have reasonable cause to think you have been drinking.

It really bugs me when people do things like that. And I am no advocate of the police, especially around here. Cops break all kinds of laws, speeding, running lights, getting relatives off of speeding tickets, and putting up homemade detour signs to reroute traffic so their children can play on the street. Cops around here are corrupt and use their power for personal gain and to break laws, they are hypocrites and we have a whole family of them around here. I don't believe that two wrongs make a right, in obeying laws it puts you above those who routinely break them. Like the person in the article.
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Marking a tire is a search? An unreasonable one at that?

Sounds like someone just wants to violate the parking regulations without getting fined.
I fail to see how this is any different than a cop pulling you over for having blackouts or if your license plate isn't fully visible or whatever.
But yeah, you are accepting the terms of a parking limit when you park there. How else will they monitor it?
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