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Depression is Caused by Demons Who Cause Chemical Imbalances in the Mind
Depression is Caused by Demons Who Cause Chemical Imbalances in the Mind

Once the demons are removed from a person with depression, the root cause for chemical imbalances has been removed - demons. Then the chemical imbalance corrects and the depression is lifted.

Bradley Dean Sanderson

Demons also known as noradrenaline and seratonin? But now we're not allowed to call them noradrenaline because a greedy American company copyrighted that name of something naturally occurring in everyone's body and now we have to say norepinephrine so we don't get sued.
And sometimes, it's just easier to stay miserable and hate the world.

You know it's getting pretty fucking offensive how you are telling everybody that they are possessed. I'll ask again....Why the hell are you really here?

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[Image: 190023__17637.1549904052.jpg?c=2]
I'll tell my psychiatrist...
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind."
— Dr. Seuss
For sometime on here I respected your views and faith. But as I read more and more of your posts, you really need to slow down. You've crossed another line that shouldn't have been crossed. Your faith has consumed you to the point that you are entirely and un-waveringly bias. You accept facts that only coincide with your beliefs.

Anything negative in ones life or contradicting to your beliefs does not instantly equate to THE DEVIL or DEMONS. Just 'think' about it like an individual.... Sad You are in control of your own actions, are you not? Not any different than someone fully and truly embracing god. Or is the devil entirely to blame for someone who doesn't? Double standards much? I already know your stance and you'll probably fail to see my point due to indoctrination.

It goes without saying that, depression comes in MANY different forms and some even know the exact cause of theirs. So in those cases, are you implying that someone knows their own demons and they themselves are a demon for it? What of a god loving and highly devoted Christian whom suffers from self-aware depression?

Personally, I partake in marijuana activities (in moderation) to alleviate my depression. The irony of using "The Devil's lettuce" to fight off demons lmao.

I'm sure your posts are good-natured for the most part but this one in particular I have to say.. comes off as very insensitive, and ignorant. And I hate to point out, it's almost as if you are trying to get brownie points from god for your faith. Or you think you are above others with your enlightenment and everyone else should share your faith. I know I sound very cynical but that's just too narrow in my opinion.

Either way, to each their own and whatever makes THEM happy. Who is anyone to say otherwise. If this is what makes you happy, fine. Just keep it to yourself and stop forcing your views and faith as if it's absolute facts on here. Please. There's other outlets and forums for such a thing.

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