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Lonely Londoner
I have been having feelings of loneliness for a few weeks now and I feel down. I have a small number of quality friends, however I don't get to see them often as our schedules clash, plus most of them have partners. I am single but have tried to put myself out there attending events to meet new people for potential friendships and maybe something more. After attending these events I've felt proud of myself for getting out the house and going but after a while I feel empty again and I don't feel like I have anyone to turn to at the time these feelings occur. I used to have social anxiety so being on my own was something I was accustomed to, albeit sometimes reluctantly, but now I am a lot more socially confident, I have a real sense of FOMO. I have recently had to cut some people out of my life as I didn't feel as if our friendships would go anywhere and I felt unhappy in them, however, even though I know I've made the right call, I really miss one of those people a lot and this has added to my deep sadness. I have decided to delete Facebook so I can stop comparing my life to those of my Facebook friends, although I'm still in the 30 day grace period so I could reverse this decision if my willpower fails me. I try telling myself these feelings of loneliness are temporary but they pop up pretty much every day and I just want a break from them.
Thanks for reading this. Any thoughts please let me know.
It's hard to cut people out of your life. I don't really have much advice other than to keep trying to meet new people and make new friends. Do you have any hobbies that you could use to meet new people? Like if you like golf, you could go to golf events or join a golf club or something like that.

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Welcome to the forum .
I'll be in London in a few weeks for work. I don't know anyone there so if you want to meet then that's cool. I won't find any work immediately anyway so i'll be going out often and explore.
Sad shit, man.

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