Poll: So, who do you call when people are trying to murder you?
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The Police
0 0%
Dial 911
1 50.00%
Miraculous Intervention
1 50.00%
Total 2 vote(s) 100%
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So, You Have People Trying to Murder You - Who Do You Call for Help?
So, You Have People Trying to Murder You - Who Do You Call for Help?

1 - The Police
2 - Dial 911
3 - Call someone who can immediately respond and miraculously subdue the enemy, protect you, and/or quickly move you out of harm's way - while not needing to travel to you to respond.

Bradley Dean Sanderson
How the fuck is this a damn debate? Other than the "miraculous" part in 3, it's pretty much common damn sense....

Also, how about Option 4.....shoot them. Kill or be killed.
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Who you gonna call...

Seriously though... The police thru 911 because I probably won't remember the number for the police in a stressful situation like that... And because number three and the Ghostbusters (unfortunately) are NOT REAL.
Police won't be able to stop hundreds or thousands in a mob charging one's residence in the country between 2am and 3 am.

Police won't be able to stop an attack by people or those who look like people and have high level supernatural abilities.

The police fully support the lie that those who look like people do not have supernatural abilities.

Bradley Dean Sanderson
This isn't any different than you teleportation threads, you can dress it up in a different way but you are still on your teleportation thing. I told you to stop making similar threads.

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