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You can Still be anything you want to be!
You know there is a short read called Spirituality and Growth: 3 Keys one Life by Daniel Bearings that I saw on Amazon detailing how it doesn't matter if you were bullied, called less than, have low self-esteem, fell unwanted, feel that you are not that intelligent, not of that is a determining factor to what you can accomplish in life. I would like to encourage you that all the doors in life you want open are indeed open to you with intentional, persistent, effort. Anything anyone has ever said about you or that you have said to yourself you can turn into a positive you may even be able to monetize how you got through it.

Be blessed and remember being Positive is a choice, not a reaction.
Beautiful , positive way of thinking.
Thanks Prolific!

Encouraging. 😉
I'll be all I want to be!
Thank you! I'll keep working towards my goals. Smile

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