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Losing Control Day by Day
[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]Just to start this off, I have never felt worse in my life. Everyday I feel more and more like I can't control my emotions and feel like my anger, sadness and negativity is overrunning me. I spend all of my time that I'm not at school in bed and sometimes don't even get up to eat. I get easily angry at friends now and feel backstabbed constantly and it doesn't help that I'm in love with my friend who doesn't know or care because she already has someone else who's clearly better than me (which obviously also makes me feel backstabbed and angry). I really don't know what to do anymore. And I guess that's pretty short and non-descriptive but it's what's bothering me most.[/font][/font]
Weve all been there. it will pass. there is light at the end of the tunnel. If the sun is shining that is just one reason to be happy.
(05-24-2019, 12:42 PM)humourless Wrote: Weve all been there. it will pass. there is light at the end of the tunnel. If the sun is shining that is just one reason to be happy.

 Welcome back, humourless !
Just as Humourless said, it will pass. If you feel like you are losing control day by day than STOP, take some deep breaths, and than relax for a little bit. Changing the way you view this situation is a huge step towards the right direction. Instead of saying you are losing control, Tell yourself that you are going to take control and take action day by day. Small victories will add up over time and soon you will see that this situation has passed and on the other side you will be stronger. Make the decision that you are going to Take Control Day by Day until you are in full control.
Interesting "I am losing control."
This could mean:
1) you are at least aware of being out of control. some people aren't even aware of that.
2) You may be obsessed with "control". Might be time to relax. chill and not always be in control.

But being in love might be making this all much worse. When I was your age I had "infatuations" But at the time they felt very important. Very real. If it is any compensation, you will recover from these.
You can't do much against the hopelessness, negativity, and sadness. Over time you start to feel more and more this way. You just don't have enough willpower to withstand these emotions forever, and neither does anyone else. You can't control these feelings all the time, but when you can control them, you should try to do something against what makes you feel bad or do something that makes you feel better. You will fall down in life, but you can always get up again.

When I'm feeling down, I also get easier angry at someone, because I'm more irritated and say things that make people angry. And controlling this is hard since you act more intuitively socially.

So you spent all your time in bed? I hope you don't lie there doing nothing because that's not very enjoyable. I think it's best to distract yourself with something when you feel that bad. Playing video games, watching something, reading, listening to something won't solve your problems, but it can help to kill time until you feel better.

You probably shouldn't worry that much about romantic relationships. You are just 17(or 16). Almost all romantic relationships people have in high school won't last long. It's too early. There so many things you probably need to figure out before you are can have a serious relationship with someone. Most high school relationships start to fall apart after school because people move out, go to college or look for a job. At this point, when you begin to find your way in life, you have much more stability, which you need for a longlasting relationship. Also, do you feel ready for a relationship? You don't seem as you can deal with your own life. How would you be able to deal with two lives then? If you just need someone to feel not so lonely in life, any good friend should be able to help you.

I really don't know how to really help you either. Your problem is complex, and I don't know you well enough to understand it completely, and maybe you don't know yourself well enough either. My advice would be to keep going because things will get better eventually, and try what you can do when you feel better. When you feel down, you often think that things will only get worse, which isn't true. It won't be easy to fix your problems, but doing nothing isn't really a valid option either. At least you can try.

Sorry, that it took me two days to write a reply. I was "busy" procrastinating to socialize. I'm not perfect, either. Maybe you should take my advice with a grain of salt because I'm just 15 so I don't know everything, but I can relate to you.

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