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I feel unworthy and uninteresting because of her
Hello, I am just a beginner in relationships and it happened to end in a bad way. I like a girl in one of my classes, at first we were just catching glances then I gathered courage to chat with her. It went great and I felt a connection with her. We even managed to hangout alone sometimes and then keep on texting nonstop every day. It felt great and I managed to improve myself and gather confidence which I am lacking mostly in my life. It suddenly went downhill. I asked her out to the movies and she agreed. She even suggested some movies and resched the day. After couple of days, things didn't feel the same. She suddenly became cold and distant, replies were late and short. I know that she can be busy sometimes but it kept on going and going like that. Sometimes we click then next day or couple of days we won't. Then she texted that she can't do it anymore and wishes to be just friends. I don't feel so well all the time, it just feels like their is something wrong with me. The confidence I gathered was shattered together with my self-esteem. I wanna get out of this feeling of unworthiness.
She might have found a guy she's more into or it could be that she just runs hot and cold a lot. I know it's easier said than done but you need to learn to try to derive your self confidence from who you are and not how someone else treats you.

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