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Been trying to fix my problems for a while now. Haven't succeeded yet.
I feel really down right now.

I looked at a bunch of ideas to make money online, but they all ended up being dead ends.
I tried finding writing jobs, but they want people who know things about stuff that I don't know about.
I found a bunch of other stuff, but they all ended up being scams.
Some of the things I found need you to make your own content but I don't know anything.

I don't really know what to do.
I have some other ideas, but I have no motivation.
I've been feeling like this on and off for a while.
I wanted to make a post to have something to do.

Thank you for reading.
worthless loser

Hi. Im sure someone has mentioned your choice of username. That just reinforces low self-esteem. Ask for a name change would be my advice.
I feel  like you do quite often to tell you the truth. But to survive in this world, I have to put on a brave and yes "optimistic" face. My humour might seem weird to you, but it helps me cope with stressful situations. 
When you come out of this current depression, try to find something to feel happy about. Even if it is just sunny weather.
Could you do a simple job like cleaning? There is some pressure to work fast but it might be a good starting point for you.
Let me know your progress.
Have you considered working for yourself?
You could consider gardening, buying and selling things, crafting things to sell, window cleaning, handyman, there's all sorts of possibilities even writing cv's for people.
If writing is something you enjoy you could try article or letters page writing, with research you can discover which magazines will pay you.
If money is not so much an issue you could take the time to write a book.
Finding something to be passionate about may help with motivation if not then you could just sit outside in a comfy chair with a cold drink and let the world go by that's what I do.
I'm always glad to see you're still with us, WL!
OK, the plans you hoped for didn't work out for the very practical reasons that you so clearly recognized and described.
How about looking into a conventional paying job? Maybe in the service sector of the economy? WalMart or HomeDepot or some place like that?
Look for reasons that it could work out well....not for reasons that it can't.
Contentment comes from within.  Do not seek it from outside yourself.

Thank you for the responses, everyone.
I come here regularly to see if someone messaged me.
I don't post much because I'm not getting anywhere.
I thought it'd be annoying to keep saying, "tried this, gave up, tried that, gave up, now I feel bad, etc.".
I don't plan on giving up yet, I was feeling down recently.

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