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The truth about us undesirables
Yeah, location, location, location. Most people in the world do NOT find a woman that purposely elongates her lower lip three or inches out attractive. But, nearly all in her tribe do. Bring that same woman to the US and she'll be laughed at and made an outcast. Attractiveness is judged within one's own tribe. However, there are universally attractive and unattractive qualities.

I'm very fair complected. That is VERY undesirable for males here in the US. However, when I went to the Philippines it was a positive quality to have. However, I was still not attractive to them other then being a meal ticket.


I actually took a picture of my face, many years ago, and divided it straight down the middle. I then joined together the two left sides and then the two rights sides to create two new full portraits. The images looked like two completely different people. There are major differences. I showed others and then couldn't believe it. But, then they would say, yeah, I just look at your left side. Your right side looks really fd up especially when you joined them together to create a single portrait. "Just get rid of that guy" seemed to be a common answer. To bad that I can't.

My differences are not just external either. Several times I've had doctors comment how various matching internal parts looked like they are from different people. Maybe they are. I could have started out as two combined sperms. I thought about getting things tested. But, it doesn't make any difference. Things are the way they are.

Having a very non-symmetrical face sends unspoken messages that you are not trustworthy, you are hiding something, you are unhealthy, etc, etc, etc. I've had friends of friends that I've been very nice to say to my friend that, "there's something wrong with that guy. I just don't trust him." But, I never did anything to cause them to think that way. Quite the opposite.

Then I took pictures of popular models and joined the two different sides of their faces. The two pictures almost looked identical. There's always exceptions but try it with your own portrait and compare the two portraits.
[Image: ?]
Is not hard to asume I'm highly assymetrical. But I'm refering to facial harmony. None of us is perfectly symmetrical, yet those little relations between our features can define a lot more than you think about you life.
I'm actually David Blane.
^ That's why woman can completely change their appearances using makeup. If you have a sold face structure and you use makeup you're set. I'm sure in the not too distant future guys will be wearing a ton of makeup too. Actors sure use a ton of it. It's irritating for me to see guys wearing eye liner and mascara. But, I'm part of the older generation.
[Image: ?]
Yea finished your a old fart you lol... May I ask what is a sold face structure anyway? Priscella

[Image: old_fart.jpg]
Ha! ha!

Well, Symmetry is a big one. High cheek bones and a smallish narrow nose for women helps. For men a sturdy chin is a start. Just look up models before makeup and after makeup. It's amazing what a difference that stuff makes.

[Image: pamela-anderson-no-makeup.jpg] 
A good example of makeup before and after is Pamela Anderson.
[Image: ?]
I like freckles and like her better without make up....Priscella
^ I'll be sure and pass that along to her. Ha! ha! Just pointing out how much a difference makeup can make. I actually liked her in her younger days before she became such a whore. Ha! ha!
[Image: ?]
Beauty is a relative concept. Think about most beautiful women in this world. I'm sure you wouldn't like to date some of them. Because you don't find them attractive like others do. The same goes for women. Tastes differ. But you should really change your negative core beliefs and negative beliefs about relationships. Try not to get frustrated when someone rejects you or ignores you. Try to attract women whenever you can. This is what I'm gonna do. I have been rejected by a man in the worst way. But I'll keep trying.

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