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Yummy yummy yummy, i got love in my tummy.
Actually my "Almost Arrested" experience was pretty funny. I was travelling around London with my brother, after visiting the London dungeon we bought a scary clown mask from the gift shop. From that point on, we decided to sometimes wear the mask on buses then going to sit next to someone. Where then we would slowly turn our heads and stare for a bit. 
I ended up doing that way more than my brother and getting all sorts of reactions. Not a single one actually got scared, just smiles and laughter Toungue . By far the best reaction i got was from this guy who initially had no reaction to me but then exploded in laughter right after stepping off the bus.

Anyway, back to the original story. We were moving out of the hostel we were staying in, my brother forgot something and went back to get it and i was left waiting at the bus stop with the bags. I was bored so i decided to pop my mask on and stare at anyone who would sit next to me on the stop. This time, i had two encounters, one with a lady who smiled at me and an old man who passed by me and said "So your scaring people? you thinks that's funny?". 

Then, two police officers walk up to me. One pulled out a notepad and asked me what i was doing here and why i wearing the mask. I took the mask off and told him all about my situation. He then told me a lady saw me from her window and reported me, turns out there was a history of people putting on similar masks and causing mass panics doing "pranks". We then got to talking for a bit about crime in London, they were actually very nice.

I don't watch many movies but i did watch this movie recently that i liked. Think it was called "Stranger than Fiction". I also liked "Shutter Island". I dont have a genre i am into, i like movies that are engaging and unpredictable.....that's still pretty vague isn't it?  Big Grin . If it helps, i did not like Black Panther. what are some of your favs? 

I haven't made many friends since joining no.  I met a great person here when i joined. However, we fell out of touch. I hope shes doing okay. I think some people might feel like the thread is just us talking. 

I like the island which is about clones who don't know their clones until one realises and discovers the reason for his existence and decides to change it.

My favourite film is city of angels. Angels are working in the hospital guiding the decreased to the afterlife until one falls in love with a doctor, he meets a patient who's an ex Angel and is told how to become human. (I won't say more in case you ever watch it's good)

Taken is also a good film all 3 of them there about a retired cia agent having to rescue his daughter/ ex wife from kidnappers/trafficking ring.

Some people don't just put the clown mask on here they wear the full outfit, hide in bushes and chase people while shouting and waving weapons. Sometimes multiple clowns scare 1 person. It's some American craze that came here. I don't think the mask alone is scary to people but the whole outfit reminds me of a horror film I should never have watched about killer clowns who store murdered people's blood in bags that hang from the ceiling like punch bags. I hate horror films.

My stop and search I was 14 and my friend was behaving strange and wobbly on her feet. We were walking up the street near shops and she suddenly lay down near a shop window and started rolling about. Myself and two others who were there tried to get her to get up but she wouldn't listen so we started to walk hoping she'd follow, she didn't so we turned back only two shops down and as we got near her a police car pulled up and told her to get up, questioned us about what we were doing there/why she was on the floor etc, searched us all and took our details. The police let us go and as we walked away she pulled 4 cannabis cigarettes out of her pocket gloating that they hadn't found them and she'd given a false address. Needless to say we were no longer friends.
Sounds like that friend of yours needed a smack upside the head, thats what i would have done Big Grin . 

So what do you do? Are you a writer professionally? or do you do something else?.

Also, we might be better off moving this to PMs as no one seems to be joining. If you are comfortable with that of course.

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