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Loneliness - Simple Self Help
I read a whole lot of lonely tales here: 
- married but lonely
- failed romance then lonely 
- cannot find 'love' then lonely
- etc

Well, I think each one of above need to know yourself first. Be your own best friend.

My story ..... I was happily married for 26 yrs and we served as marriage mentor in our community for about. 10 yrs. 

I had a medical issue that rendered me into coma for 3 yrs. When I woke up was surprised my wife was not happy but hope I had died. I couldn't speak or moved much. Wife contacted my children and they came over to see me. I was shocked when my daughter lifted me up from bed and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror  ..... a skeleton with skin. I heard my children telling their mom to bring me for physio. Wife reply was "I am working and don't know any contact." I was surprised. In the morning, she would make me a mug of chocolate and leave it next to my bed and off to office. After 1 week, my daughter sent me to physio treatment and after 6 months had great improvement (able to speak, walk on my own and drive). 

I also noticed my wife is back to the house after midnight (Mon - Fri). I then engaged a PI to check her after office activities. Damn.... she was having an affair with my then best friend. I then went to the bank to check our joint account.... she had closed it and taken all money including hospital settlement sum.

I arranged for a family meeting with her & children. I told her to return me the hospital settlement sum and she kept what she had taken from our joint account and sign divorce papers. She acted angrily and raised her voice "What an ungrateful old man you are?" I threw the PI report (with pics) onto table and asked "What's this ?" She kept quiet and then we signed divorce papers in 2 weeks time and she refunded me the hospital settlement sum. I was very hurt (for 1 week) then told myself "She don't deserve me". 

It's been 6 months since our divorce and I have not contacted her but have traveled overseas twice. Making another trip next month .... so liberating.

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