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Check my pulse
check my pulse
am I about to convulse?
Im almost dead
get me out of bed.
am I the only
feeling sad for me
because I cant afford 
a shopping spree
Im so alone
Even Jesus has thought of quitting me
But he's the only one left
He's hanging in there
waiting for me
to stop going on internet forums
spewing my misanthropy
he's waiting for me 
to show some balls
he's waiting for me to show some discipline
not the 5 minute kind either
he's waiting for me to quit as manager of my chaotic life
he's waiting for me to hand over the reins
to Him
He's waiting for me to make Him priority one
He's waiting for me to fall in love with Him
Not the gay kind either
He's waiting for me to grow up
and accept my own warts instead of complaining about others warts
he is waiting
How long will I keep Him waiting?
"...aren't you dead?"
- Admiral Kirk, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

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