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John Cleese
My hero in a way.
Like what he has to say.
Even if he's a Christian hippie
who cherry picks the Bible to suit
and agrees with fluidity and non binary
yeah well Im sticking to binary
and objective truths
But his humour is important
lets not take ourselves too seriously
God is laughing at us after all
our pathetic self pities
our lack of courage
our audacity to think we can go it alone

getting back to JC
I mean John Cleese
He said several things that resonate
don't like PC
and he too
is afraid of the future of humour
and he don't like scientific intellectuals
who think they know it all

I need friends like JC
to keep me flexible in my thinking
because there are so many peoples' world views Ive given up on
I need to listen more
but still decide
don't fall for our left hemisphere
the analytical half
it is totalitarian
it wants control
listen to the other hemisphere
its more gentle
and caring too

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