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Has anyone here heard of this term, "Singlism"?  Thoughts, opinions, anyone feel this way?  Couple articles to the term below.
"You can't wake someone up who is just pretending to be asleep" --

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No I haven't.
I have 6 brothers. But 2 of them are single and one divorced. In their fiftees and sixtees. Don't think they could adapt now to living with someone else.
for the vast majority of us, being single is not a choice but instead has been forced upon us due to our below average physical attractiveness. other than good physical & mental health, there is not a single characteristic which is more critical to one's quality of life than being attractive. for those of us below average in facial aesthetics (and for men, ever worse a lack of height) are pretty much doomed to a lifetime of loneliness & rejection by those whom we are attracted to.
"The most violent weapon on Earth is the table fork." - Mahatma Gandhi

doom and gloom for those without a broom

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