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Is mental illness being used as an excuse for bad behaviour?
Im pointing the finger at myself here mainly. But Ive noticed that rich celebrities/sports people sometimes make the headlines stating they are suffering "depression."
Now im not for one minute denigrating those who suffer clinical depression. I mean when people get caught out in bad behaviour like road rage or "losing it" with shop assistants for instance. One sports journo here lost it on a plane and refused to come out of the toilet! he was drunk.
So often it is drug or alcohol related. But the back story is "I was suffering anxiety and depression at the time."
Jordan Peterson will tell you we need to take responsibility for our behaviour. Now some of us are not in control of their emotions all the time as we should be. Me included.
recently I will suffer nagging back pain at work which will exacerbate my relations with people and make me impatient. I could be using that as an excuse as well. Physical pain does affect our mental state though. 9see...Im making excuses   Sad 
Like everyone else I need to take responsibility.
I need to make sure Im fit for work and not likely to be in pain. 
I need to get a good sleep.
I need to eat right.
I need to get my back fixed.
I need to chill out. meditation is the key perhaps.
I need to pray. (Christian perspective)
Yeah. Particularly when self-diagnosed.
I know I shouldn't but...
I read the linked article. That gal has a wicked sense of humour. I love it!
No. I'm not saying that there aren't people that will use it in order to take advantage of the system, but that could be said about a lot of things. Just for example; I knew this guy that was black, and he blamed all of his life's problems on being black, he can't get a job cuz he's black, everyone hates him cuz he's black, he's stuck living in my apartment for free and treatin me like shit for several months while drinking my pop and draining my electricity, cuz he's black, lol.. The ironic thing about that guy is, if you looked up the N word in the dictionary, it likely had his face right beside it. I mean, it's not ok to use that word, but I'm fairly sure that he invented every black stereotype ever.. He was lazy, stole my stuff, listened to rap music all day while playing video games and smoking weed, also had dreadlocks .etc. And ultimately, the only way I got him out was after he decided to do a violent home invasion on someone he knew, and got busted for it. Cops came and searched my place.

But ya, like I said, it happens, but I can tell you, this stuff generally isn't made up.. Nor should it become the general assumption that it is. it's bad enough that it takes 12-16+ months just to get on disability (if you live outside of a metropolitan city and don't have a vehicle (or friends..).
I 've known a person that I thought was making it up, and recently, started getting some of the same stuff that he was going through. Karma is a bitch, I mean, bigtime to me.. Try to be good, get treated like shit. Get tired of being good and getting treated like shit, so do something bad; get treated like worse shit. Do something neutral that I wasn't sure was good or bad, get dumped on all the same.. Then people wonder why my anxieties are so ramped up... I don't even know what F'kin way to go cuz every way is shit...

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