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My self esteem is too high
I cant help looking down on others. Very difficult for me to  see you and I as equals. 
I excel at Sudoku for instance. ive never met a better Sudoku player than me. In fact Ive never met any other sudoku players.
Also I am a very fast eater. I can eat a plate of yoghurt in 36 seconds.
Speling. My speling is eggselent. My ability to spel, or caste a spel is better than any witch ive ever met. 
Solitaire. No one has beaten me at the card game of solitaire yet. 
I should be a postman. because I love making posts. I can be a postaholic. Ive always become the most prolific poster on any forum.

just some of the reasons I feel superior to others
I guess you have a point.  I don't excel at Sudoku and I don't cast spells.  How long have you been doing magic?  What spells did you cast and what results did you get?  Do you believe that "love spells" are one of the biggest scams on the internet or do they actually work when cast by the right sorcerer?

Think about it this way: you are a wonderful person with unique abilities.  But other people have different strengths and their skills are just as important as yours.  Is there anything you aren't good at?  Remembering your weaknesses will help you avoid being condescending.  Everyone has both strengths and weaknesses.
Im not good at being humble. You probably beat me on that count. woe is me!!
"... Speling. My speling is eggselent..."

I'll be all I want to be!
I never thought i'd block ppl on this site. I'm glad developers made provisión of it.

You know! Selfesteem is a most when you started to real you, no matter what other may said against or when they backed you...

You'll be the one you'll be. 😉
I'll be all I want to be!

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