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Is this a self esteem issue or more serious than that.
Hey everyone it's been a long time since I posted on here. Maybe that's a good thing.  now here is the thing. I been known to have an avoident personality in the past. still do with certain individuals. 
 I notice something recently the past few months years. When it comes to someone that I don't avoid or become more  Friendly to and warmed up to, And literally the next day they give me a cold shoulder or bad vibe.  It brings out like an anger in me. A resentment in me.  where I'm afraid I'm gonna get confrontational with that person.  Where I might confront them in a hostile manner because I feel they're avoiding me for some deeper reason that I want to find out. It doesn't seem like a normal reaction and all I do is walk around with bottled up anger. what does it sound like to you? I think it's me meeting and interacting with the wrong individuals that have a ton of issues like me. It's most probably true. But I want to see what you think?

I want to follow up that just now with this particular individual I was referring to I approached him and we had a nice chat.But this seems to come up with others to an easy thing
Could it be that you are overthinking things and seeing something that isn't really there? Maybe he did give you the cold shoulder, maybe he didn't, maybe he was having a bad day or was angry and you picked up on that.
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