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Admin/mods not deleting my account, posts, and threads
I PM'd an admin, and he said threads and posts can't be deleted. Why is that? 
I also PM'd some mods, but got no response. 

I see posts here from 2018 requesting account deletion -  and their accounts were deleted. And I can't access their profiles/posts, so those were probably deleted as well. 

Can someone please delete my account, including all my posts and threads?

They can delete your account but they don't remove your posts. They are here forever. ❤️
[Image: tenor.gif]
Wow, that's bizarre. Even on other awkward, dated sites - you can delete your own posts. And you can ask mods to delete your threads.
Sorry to see that you want out. I hope it's not because we lack the support you need here. If it is, I'm sorry... Not that I have much room to talk, I've done it recently myself.

Accounts are indeed deleted upon request and that makes it so that you can't search a person's posts anymore because the profile is gone, entirely. However, their posts still exist if you look for them manually. No one's posts have been deleted.

I know you said you've already PM'ed mods, but that is the only way they can delete your account in the very least. Maybe they're just inactive at the moment? And to make sure that your account was not hacked or rash decisions being made, they also put a 24-hour hold and await another confirmation before going through with it. So, unfortunately it will not be a quick erase and exit if that's what you're indeed looking for.

Hope you change your mind at some point but I respect your wishes and whatever reasoning you may have. Best of luck with everything.
I definitely want my account deleted. Hope the admin/mods delete it soon.

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