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An online Broadcast?
Hi again,

I recently posted about life with my dog, and how soon it maybe coming to an end.

In 2012 i set up a website with audio, i would play music and talk while she snored in the background.

I was never sure on how many listeners i had, it was a way to keep myself busy and stopped me watching T.V. 

I did not ever use my real name either, i would call myself O.A.P. which would be One Average Person, On Another Planet.

Not sure the moderators would allow me to put the web address on here, so i won't.

But, it would be interesting to know rather than typing as most do these days, would any members here ever wish to talk on a website where anyone could be listening?

I recall in that year i visited an online chat room and had about 20 people on one skype call, of course not all chatted at the same time but it was interesting to hear how strangers would talk with one another, it was all very friendly.

A waste of time? Or something few would be interested in? 

I sometimes believe that as soon as typing became an easier option, most will do it, it is hard to get tone in type don't you think?
Most people who joined this forum want only to express themselves, to give vent to their negative thoughts and emotions.
However, there are other forums where people are interested in real communication.
I think it would be interesting, and maybe some would be interested. Although we have the voice option in the chat room, and seems like no one ever uses it... At least lately.
Voice is so much better. 🌈
[Image: tenor.gif]
I guess people are sometimes a bit shy?

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