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19 ways tо make someоnе fаll іn love wіth уоu
Ehhh Let me put in my 4 quick tips for falling in love just for the heck of it.

1. Learn how to achieve happiness inside yourself
So many people think that love equals happiness and although being in love can make you feel happy for the moment, Your only happy because of another person. They can take that away from you at any second which would leave you stunned and unhappy. Do not EVER give anyone that much power over you.

2. Be Authentic
Do not change yourself for anyone. Be true to yourself and do not change because of how you want someone to see you has.

3, Ditch they whole " Make someone fall in love with you " perspective
I do not like that sound of making someone fall in love with you. It sounds like you are trying to force the other person to do it. Love is something that just happens between people and it should be genuine and not a result of one person reading articles and books trying to find some secret formula to force their boyfriend\girlfriend to fall in love.

4. Stop obsessing over it
Kind of touched this in number 3 but it deserves to be its own step. My wife and I did not fall in love because I read books about falling in love. To be honest I never did read a book about it. It just seemed to happen between us after a year together. From us being fully comfortable around each other and spending time together. We have made memories together and along that journey I found more and more reasons to fall in love with her. So I did not "make" her fall in love, I just focused on enjoying the time I spent with her and trying my best to treat her the way she should be treated and a year later boom, We fell in love and fast forward 3 years later I am still in love with her.

Just my two cents on the matter

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