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"Why Do We Fall in Love with One Person and Not Another?"
People don't just mysteriously wake up one morning with an overdose of PEA in their brains and then develop a crush on the next person they set eyes on. No, PEA and its sister chemicals are precipitated by emotional and visceral reactions to a specific stimulus. Like what? It can be a whiff of her perfume, the boyish way he says hello, or the adorable way she wrinkles her nose when she laughs. It could even be an innocuous article of clothing you're wearing that drives your Quarry bonkers. What really makes one fall in Love?
Chance and the universe's cruel sense of irony.
I held death's hand this evening.
What makes you think they’ve fell in love?
That's a good question...

I think I like a girl (a woman actually, she's almost 40...). But I'm always in conflict with myself, for although she is divorced, and friendly, she lives way distant, and ...I'm not sure we share the same sort of tastes (particularly about music). (Music is very important to me, considering we might live together someday...) She's pretty though.

(I definitely fall in love because she's beautiful...)

I'd like we could be together, I guess. But I'm not willing to go after this... I don't know.

On the other hand, she probably likes someone else, so...

Hello. I'm Gustavo. (If you call me Gus, it's all right too.)
Romantic love is a childish dated concept that once served to compel people to get married, raise children and conform to societal expectations. What we call romantic love is just a mixture of physical attraction, infatuation and a need for validation from person we’re infatuated with. Altruistically motivated caring develops later. You could call that love but not romantic love as it's very similar to the concern and sense of obligation towards blood relatives.
Have you ever been in love, ardour?
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[Image: 28467734_1679297465465479_46906082594714...e=5F13E812]
I've experienced crushes and it always ended up causing me a lot of pain and frustration.
I think I'm in love right now.
I'm actually David Blane.
(07-15-2019, 08:37 AM)ardour Wrote: I've experienced crushes and it always ended up causing me a lot of pain and frustration.

A crush is nothing like love, so how can you know what it is? Love has nothing to do with children or marriage or society.  Wanting to be in love might have something to do with all of that, but none of those can guarantee love. Love isn't a choice, it's just something that happens It can sometimes even happen with someone you'd never expect, which is why I always tell people to give those that don't quite meet their "standards" a shot.  You never know what can happen.
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[Image: 28467734_1679297465465479_46906082594714...e=5F13E812]
I know what I see around me, and the way people pair up seems to have nothing to do with love. That's my perspective, you put your usual argumentative spin on it if you like.

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