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loneliness and ugliness
Physical ugliness or the feeling of it must be very painful.
i feel ugly sometimes. im overweight anf my skins is showing wear and tear.I dont look good and I sound like a monotone mouse.
but some of you feel much worse than me. Your features more ugly .
im truly sorry to read that. thats awful. may you have your pain eased because your life is very challenging.
i now ferl my complaints are unjustified. i am too lucky to complain
Who has it worse or not doesn’t really matter. Your own issues and problems are important and comparing them to others isn’t necessary. Feel what you feel and...feel ok with that. ❤️
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thanks anyway miss behave
No-one here could complain if every problem had to be ranked and judged accordingly. Almost all our issues are first world problems.
yeah but it is also insensitive to minimise anyones suffering. lonely gomeless people in australia suffer painful lives even if it is first world pain.
It's not about minimizing.  It's about understanding that we all experience things differently.  A homeless person might be more stable and content than a person who has a house, but is alone.  
It just depends on how you deal with it all.  If you let it year you down or if you fight.  No one is the same so while same situations might be worse, that doesn't mean the person in the situation thinks of it that way.  No one knows how the next person copes.
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I’m fantastically good looking.

I’m talking Robert Redford good looks.

But I only attract mingers.

Then the mingers leave me.

Could leave me for any reason, not putting the oven on when I get home, forgetting to put sugar in her coffee, any manner of reasons.
And Callie manages to minimise the suffering of homeless people. Congratulations. and she just proved my point
Actually, I didn't. I know several people who are homeless. Some of them are perfectly content with their situation and are working to correct it. Some of them are extremely angry and even though they could have help, they don't take it because they would rather bitch and whine about their situation.
I also know several people who have it all. Friends, money, cars, loving spouse who is not happy at all and would love nothing more than to run away from it all. It's about perspective.

Also, you don't know me, You clearly don't seem to understand what I write, so stop harassing me.
Want to talk?  Check out the CHAT ROOM 
[Image: 68694043_2341967022788228_46455155003665...Ng%3D%3D.2]
you were harassing the other
have a look in the mirror for once

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