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why do i jack off whenever my wife is away??
My wife travels a lot and I always have the driving urge to jack off whenever she is away. I have been I a porn and jack off session for the last 6 hours and I still have the desire for more. My wife and I fuck all the time but I still desire the feel of my fist around my cock. With the assistance of Viagra and cock rings I have already gone off 5 times tonight. Is there anyone out there with the same issue?
...yeah not going near the attached file.
[attachment=2538 Wrote:ardour pid='906064' dateline='1563010469']...yeah not going near the attached file.

(07-13-2019, 07:34 PM)ardour Wrote: ...yeah not going near the attached file.

yea I probably don't blame you
Uhhh, this isn't That kind of forum...
Buh-bye. I won't miss you.
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[Image: 68694043_2341967022788228_46455155003665...Ng%3D%3D.2]
Nope nope nope, and goodbye. You were warned already about nudity.
(07-13-2019, 07:34 PM)ardour Wrote: ...yeah not going near the attached file.

very wise.

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