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Do you ever get used to being alone
This has been on my mind lately because of my only real friend ,my wife, being ill. I do everything with her and my life has always been like that which i'm grateful for  ofc . All i can do is be there for her and hope she gets better soon.I know sounds terrible and selfish but i miss her so much when she's ill because she's so lively and positive fun to be with when she's well.Also when working i tend to have a colleague but he's been missing alot of work because of his own issues being too much for him to work at the moment. So i've been covering his work load but i hate it working alone.I couldn't even do the weekly shop on my own just couldn't face it had to take my son in the evening which was new to me .Saw so many people with trolleys made for one and of course young teenagers but just made me think just couldn't do stuff alone.How do you go cinema , go clubs etc do you ever get used to it.Is it only the confident people that are ok with it.Do you base your life around friends and activities with them.

I also stress because have been to alot of funerals lately and that with sometimes working for older people who live alone just makes the future for me not good because i've always had trouble making friends.

Do you ever get used to life on your own...i know with my SA i'd just find it so hard would probably lapse back into alcholism. I think i'd just have to find someone else which makes me feel like a leech not being able to cope on my own.

I really dont want to say this but hope i go first because i know my wife would be ok she has so many friends and activities that she'd throw her self into .l hate writing this post because i know it sounds selfish but i just want to know how people cope doing stuff like holidays,just normal everyday stuff alone do you ever get used to it?

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