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Can men and women actually "romantically" bond with each other?
(09-13-2019, 09:26 AM)Yeti1980 Wrote: I have to say I disagree with the original post and that actually the complete opposite may be true.

In my experience, although women chat and socialise etc it's no guarantee that there is actually a strong/deep/trusting friendship there. I've often experienced it in my workplace, the girls get along like a house on fire face to face, but behind each other's backs they say all kinds of catty and unnecessary things.

There's an old bit that goes,  "Men insult each other, but they don't mean it... Women compliment each other, but they don't mean it."   :O)

Your posts are always thoughtful, Yeti-- it's always a pleasure to see what you have to say.  Hope you're doing well, as we head into Autumn.  Already.  Yikes.
 "Women tend to be more emotional than men are, and thus bond more with other women in a special way that they can't with men."

Well, I'm not assured that us so. I've been watching Too many ppl behaving another way. E.i., when my ex wife broke her arm, she didn't cry or shed tears (but me). Whe I lifted her up to carry her to the hospital, she told me she could walk herself (with her brokenhearted bones). So I've seen Too many odds things: yesterday I stayed near a police station and there was a man talking to His friend saying, "my ex wife hit me! She tore this pant I'm wearing (...). And that man told His friend he's having another woman... when I looked at her, I saw she was taller than all of us.

I'm not sure who was more emotional or talkative.
I wish i had a woman like those, but I'm unwilling to pay the price. It's not only the risk of heartbreaking, but the risk of making an emotional investment that , at the long run, would end up at loneliness, deception, cheating, since life helped me believed I could be loved, that I could love UNCONDITIONALLY ; but this is a lie. All relationships are conditional and, If a person doesn't have what the other needs, she/he will Go to the next door opened.

Elton John has a song that helps me understand the issue of communication and interaction:
"You can't shoot down the moon. Some things never change. We can build a bridge between us, but the empty space remains..."

Such EMPTY space is out there and here. Words would make a bridge, a hope a connection, but our souls are like ghosts, trying to find a mirror, a similar soul to cling to.

I'm thankful God (or life) made women, whatever unachievable "thing" they are.

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