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Finally thought I try it ten years after this became socially acceptable. At least it might frame my features and make look more masculine I thought. 3 weeks in and I look exactly like I expected, creepy and unshaven, like I hadn't showered in a month. Dirty, and no more masculine. Yeah I kept it tidy and shaved around the edges.

Who have thought it, a trend made popular by hipsters only works with already attractive individuals. Absolutely nothing works for me. Every attempt to dress well or look vaguely on point trend wise falls flat. Everything from age appropriate fitted offficy shirts to dressed down millennial fashion. Must have spent thousands over the last few years on clothes. My legs are short, meaning I look way shorter than I am, my face too ugly, my temples recede in, so nothing looks good. The most I can manage is a tidy and benignly unattractive 40yo.
Did u use beard oil?

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