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My shyness and how I got over it.
I was a very, very shy fella at a young age. Growing up in an orphanage (since 3 months old) and only learned how to speak from grade school (age 7).

I only spoke to friends I am comfortable with ... in orphanage and a few guys in school. If a lady teacher were to speak with me, I will lower my head and not make eye contact.
Talking to girls totally non existent.

In my teens, to avoid being the one to be picked on at school, I got involved in sports and represented the school in soccer and field hockey. That turned me from being "picked on" to "hang out with". Because I had to head back to orphanage after school, I  sneaked back without anyone seeing me. I never go out with anyone during school days. Most fellas thought I was studying  at home cos I got good grades in my exams.

I only opened up and set up casual chats in my twenties.....after leaving the orphanage.
How I avoided talking about my family in school and college because I was involved in the school's soccer & hockey teams. I tend to talk about games we just had.

In college, I spent most leisure time in the library researching on programming techniques and writing small routines (which I used later in professional life). So, no time to discuss personal life with friends.

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