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Nothing Left
(08-19-2019, 08:23 PM)Siku Wrote: @Broken_Soul,

I feel I can relate to much of what you've said at some point or another. You're very much internalized and full of dread. I hope you find distractions and hope in areas that finally lift your head up. You most definitely have this immense potential and I know it's hard to see through those clouds of darkness right now. I'm sorry not enough people see it. Hopefully that hypothetical reach that pulls you out from those covers comes sooner rather than later. Because you're going to be stuck in that loop....

Best of luck and I'm feeling for you.



Thanks and sorry for the very late reply.

Yes, I sink into an abyss sometimes.

I'm feeling low again today. Always do when I've got nothing to do and on my own. Got a full time job now though, just not back until January 3rd next year but nothings changed in he way I feel at home. At work I'm a lot better.

Part of me thinks the way I feel at home (long hours alone) is probably normal.

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