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My cat ♥️ Goodbye
I’m struggling to figure out how to write this. Revealing myself in this way isn’t a thing I’m really used too. I think that I can be easily seen as someone that’s open, and I am, but there is a difference between the overly shared and the things that truly reveals myself. I’m unsure of how to start, so I’ll just take it from the beginning. 
I was having friends over. I drove to the store to get some strawberries so I would have something to serve them. They are especially sweet this time a year and with a vanilla sauce, it’s always something everyone loves. Doing this reminds me of my childhood. Walking behind the house I grew up in and picking red currant, strawberries & gooseberries. Then having them in a bowl with vanilla sauce, eating it on the front porch with the summer sun setting. 
I was a little stressed when I got back because I wanted to get everything ready and plated before they came but I didn’t make it. I was still in the kitchen when they arrived. This is what I would change. This very moment. Why I didn’t go in the living room to make sure the front door was closed, I have no idea but I didn’t. I realized it was open probably 10 mins after they arrived. I knew right away that this was really bad. My cat is a curious one and wouldn’t hesitate to go outside. I closed the door and started to look for him but he were nowhere to be found so I knew I had to go out and look for him. I jogged around my neighborhood for around 45 minutes and this growing fear and worry making me very nervous. I decided to go to the main road that’s not too far from my house.
When I came up the road I saw something white lying on the road and when I saw him, I knew it was bad. I started to cry. He had been hit by a car that I think drove over his back legs and hip. It was completely crushed and blood was coming out of his mouth. I tried to lift him and realized he was still alive since he cried out with a horrible scream. I took him in my arms and started to run towards my house. He was in a lot of pain and me carrying him while running was not making it better. It was such an awful feeling. Holding a dear friend in my arms that is hurting so badly. I didn’t know what I was supposed to do. Should I run or walk? When I got home I grabbed my car keys and placed him in the back seat. I don’t live to far from the veterinarian so I was there in matter of minutes. I got inside and they looked at him and said that they couldn’t do anything for him. Only make his suffering go away. 
I carried him inside the examination room and put him down on the table. I grabbed his paw with one hand and rubbed his hairy head with the other. I kept telling him that I loved him and that he was such a great cat. Watching him gasp for air, knowing that he was in so much pain broke me down and made me lose it. My sobbing just intensified as I felt him start to become sedated by the first injection. I was happy that he didn’t feel pain anymore but just crushed to know that I was losing him. They got the other injection ready. The last one goes into the heart, making it stop beating. It took the veterinarian 2 injections and several attempts to hit his heart and inject the right dosage but it worked in the end. He was gone. 
I’m going to miss you so much. You were a beautiful and loving cat. I’ll always remember how you got these crazy antics where you ran up and down the house, looking at me with joyful and wild eyes. Your end wasn’t supposed to be like this.  
❤️ I love you. ❤️

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I'm soooo sorry about ur kitty. It's so very difficult losing an animal friend.
For such a very sad experience... Such a beautiful post, song, and show of love.. I'm so so sorry..

Don't regret sharing any of that or how it was conveyed please, it was lovely and human. It is you. I'm sure it was hard to write all that and I can only imagine the heartache... Sad *hugs*
I’m very sorry for your loss.
I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my cat a few months ago, it still hurts. Although it was her time (she was 19 years old), it's still hard to believe that she is gone.
So sorry about ur cat nibby. It's terrible to lose an animal friend.
I feel more for animals than I do people.
That's very sad. Sorry about your cat.
I'm so sorry you had to find your cat like that on the road. Sad My heart breaks reading this. So sorry for your loss and may his beautiful soul rest in peace.
Hey everyone! ❤️
I just wanted to say thank for for all your kind words. 
Was really hard writing all that but I’m glad I did. Feels like I got some of the bad feelings out and not letting them fester inside of me. 
❤️ Thank you ❤️
You are all amazing!
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