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The "Storming" of Area 51
I'm sure most of you already know about this, but there are many people and even 'celebrities' whom are planning to meet up and storm Area 51 on September 20th. Some might think, it's very much legitimate and not to be taken lightly due to large spikes of over booked flights, hotels, etc. in preparation for it. Even as a hypothetical scenario, I'm curious of what anyone thinks about this.

Personally, I think it's entirely redundant and stupid. You gave the government a date. So, now they have more than enough time to either re-locate or prepare themselves. It's just an inconvenience for them, nothing more. And, there will be no truth found. Don't get me wrong, I'm very much pro of people standing up against the government and wanting to know the truth. However, I'm sure a large chunk are actually attending because of hype or the social flocking than any actual curiosity. I suppose that annoys me as most pretend that it's truth seeking and they are taking part in some sort of revolution when really it's like getting a brownie point for saying you attended such an event.

It did originate from social media, after all.
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This is weird if you ask me.
Then again:
❤️ I love Mulder ❤️

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The description of the event says “If we Naruto run, we can move faster than bullets.”

Shouldn't be any problem then.
Nothing will come of it. Big pow-wow in front of the gate with people having hot dogs.
Besides developmental army technology the likes of which gave the US stealth bombers and ballistic missiles, sadly for the UFO crazies out there, there's no little green men and flying saucers in area 51. No time travel technology, no inter dimensional portals, no Philadelphia Experiment type invisibility generators, no sets from when they filmed the moon landings, no MIB headquarters with an armory full of Crickets, none of the bazillion and one conspiracy theory types.

You have a megalomaniac in the White House, a petty tyrant in North Korea, a Cold War sentimentalist in Russia and a Trump wanna be in the Phillipines. There's no magic in the world, just lots of really stupid people. Hope they try to at least raise some money for charities or this will only be another two minute, funny saturday morning news story everyone will forget 20 minutes latter.

Im surprised it hasnt been already. It was comedic in nature and the event was taken offline for a while now, according to wikipedia. If some people really are going,'ll be funny to see people getting arrested on Sept 20th.
The area in which the base is located is very big. So it will be a challenge just to find it. And when they do, I highly doubt that the American government will give up on everything he hides in there.

Thst one is a military zone, meaning a no trespassing zone, this means that the soldiers are allowed to shoot for killing. And to be honest, I kinda want to see the Naruto run vs a heavily armored us soldiers. 

Damn, it cracks me up thinking that someone is explaining what is the Naruto run to an us general Big Grin
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(08-10-2019, 09:44 AM)Siku Wrote: You gave the government a date. So, now they have more than enough time to either re-locate or prepare themselves.

(It's not much clever indeed...)

I don't believe any of this "truth" story. The X-Files series were kind of cool though... However I only really watched it because of the group of school friends. We were four, they were the computer nerds, I was always the weird one, not into the sciences... One of them went to computer sciences, another to engeneering, the other to be a doctor (like his father). I went to (classical) languages. Our weekends of playing Magic the Gathering were pretty nice... Ah, youth...
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