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Completley head over heels with my best mate!
I'm not nescessarily looking for advice, just somewhere to vent!

I am completely head ober heals in love with my best mate and it's killing me! He is a straight male and nothing like that will ever happen but i'm still in love with him. I can never tell him because I am not going to run the risk of ruining the friendship as that is far more important to me than how I feel. 

We meet up every week at least twice and more often than not we have a few drinks at home, play games, have bbqs and he'll crash over. We are so compatible and have so much in common I think its just that I feel like if I found a bf it would be one exactly like him. We'll have pride nights where we drink cocktails, have flags up etc even have jokes about shagging and just having a right laugh but that's all it will ever be. I know i'll get over it and know that I can't be the only one who has had this.

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