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Male 68, USA, married w/children ISO buddies male & female
Some explanation I suppose is needed. First, my wife is not a witch. In some ways she is a great partner. Good mother, in most ways. She is 20 years younger than me, and I'm a healthy active 68. (married late in life) She spends most of her time sleeping and drinking 6-12 beers these days when she isn't working--and of course--attacking seemingly every word out of my mouth. We have 2 daughters at home. Both are good girls and the oldest is a gem. (Youngest is too, but due to age isn't exactly fun to be around sometimes for either of us.)

Wife is pretty, trim, and desirable to the average guy I should think, but I've been with her 18 years and I have no desire to hug her with our history together. (although I will when the situation warrants it. I wish her no ill.) We sleep in the same room, back to back as far as the bed will allow apart. I go to bed early because my work demands early arrival. She waits until the last possible minute to show up (hopefully) after I am asleep. Intimacy? Not for a few years now--more my decision than her's I'm sorry to say.  Still, I do not want to malign her. We're both to blame for what our relationship has deteriorated into. Children are the binding force for me (and I think for her). I grew up with a father that abandoned his son. I refuse to do that to my children.

What do I want? A pen pal. Friends. I don't live online, so you'll need to understand that. I have 3 college degrees and received my CPA license a day before my 68th birthday 30 years after college--engineering, reading and writing are my loves--so you'll need some ability to communicate at an intellectual level as well as a friendship level for a LTR as a friend. 

I'm liberal. I've lived among many cultures. As long as someone's lifestyle and habits are not infringing upon me or my family, I'm fine with it. Although if you're too far out there, while I may understand, we may not have that much in common to chat about. I don't suffer whiners for very long. I have zero desire to shoot people or create a radical revolution, and I don't own a gun.  I prefer conversation to violence. My personal philosophy is to look inside myself first for the life I created before I blame others for my reality. Just an FYI.

Love opposing views if they have some support. You'll need to be someone who can have opposing views without making the other person evil. That isn't negotiable. I don't argue from ignorance if I can help it. if you cannot support your perspective beyond strong emotions, then I won't tolerate it for very long. I will be polite when I say good-bye.

Not sure what else to say as this is a new experience for me. Contact me if you want more details. I live in Illinois, USA.
Hi Dear
I'm Ryan from USA, Please contact me to my email ID *email removed* i have something good to share with you
(08-14-2019, 12:10 PM)davidryan Wrote: Hi Dear
I'm Ryan from USA, Please contact me to my email ID *email removed* i have something good to share with you

DavidRyan, given today's risks, I have no interest in contacting someone outside this venue. I might do it with a Gmail account, but I did not come here to start making clandestine Gmails to chat with people.

Thank you for the invite, but no thank you to the invitation.

Hi Artemus! I don't know if we have much in common, but your post is pretty interesting to me. I'm not very smart, but I enjoy hearing other people's take on things. I grew up in Wisconsin and that's close to Illinois, so there's that. I will say since the age of 42(49 now), I'm kinda out there. I wasn't superstitious before 42, but now I am. Not sure if that explains the "out there", but hopefully you get the gist. If you have the time\inclination, what degree did you get the most enjoyment out of?

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