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Not being able to find work
Hi people,
I have been looking for a job for the longest and it's starting to make me depressed for a year I have been homeless I am lucky enough now to have a place to stay with some releatives, but it's in another state so I dont know the aear that well I have been using indeed, but it's not been good to me anyone know a site like it where I can get a job fast because I miss having a car and stuff.
Why do you need a website? Just go to places and ask for an application. If they do online apps, they will tell you and you can go to the website and do the app. I'm sure there are gas stations and food places wherever you are, go to those. Anywhere that you don't need specific education requirements.

If you insist on doing it online, just search for jobs in that area. Google will give you a list.
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Where are you living now?

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