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I'm not a writer yet
I'm in a writers forum besides this one. (One with writers, I'm also in one about Latin (the language of ancient Rome).)
In the writing forum, I began a diary under the title (something) reluctant diary of my story progress. Then people said "no, no, you're going to make it, come on!" But no, I'm not very confident I will. I'm not very good at writing. I mean, I don't really know how to make an interesting story. I guess I never did one, and I'm struggling because I have the characters but I don't have the deeds...
Hello. I'm Gustavo. (If you call me Gus, it's all right too.)
Enid Blyton ("Noddy's Adventures") used to clear her mind and lie quietly at bedtime-- after a while, the characters appeared in her mind as if onstage, and the stories would unfold before her eyes.

Another very famous author whose name escapes me just now used to sit at the typewriter from 0730 until 5PM and type continuously. If he saved one or two pages at day's end, he considered it a pretty good day.

I know what you mean about the difficulty of creating the action. Even with a great command of the language and well-crafted characters, with no further inspiration, there's no story. Perhaps if you began writing dialogue, a story line would emerge. Or maybe define in broadest strokes an event of some sort and set about the task of fitting your characters into it.

I have the same problem, but I don't dabble in fiction (reading or writing it) very often. Best of luck, though!

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