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I just don't know if I can get through this.
I got hit in the head an work and I've had this permanent concussion. My doctors screwed up and by benefits stopped. We went to court and they denied me. I know we'll appeal but it sucks not having any money. Not being able to get out and see a movie or anything really aggravates the loneliness. I feel trapped. We don't qualify for benefits. We had to file for bankruptcy to keep the house and half my wife's paycheck gets taken out right away, but welfare counts your income before the money gets deducted. I like my lawyer but these specialists just suck.
Hiya, Manta...

England has this:
is there something like it where you are (Aus or NZ)?
Black Manta, you've several postings that detail the tough times you're facing - with health, finances, and emotions.  I don't know how long or what it'll take for you to get your life back on track.  It may or may not happen as you expect since we're not always in control of our lives as much as we'd like to believe. 

I'd like to suggest the following videos which apply to you.  This won't quickly resolve your problems, but it may help you deal with them.  It's worth an hour of your time and could lead to eventual peace in your life.



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