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Let me introduce myself a bit
There is a lot to tell but I wont reveal much. In fact it's gonna be very shortened.

I'm in my mid 20's, and I aint happy with my life, ever. 

I'm here because I have been struggling with loneliness and other issues such as emotional big most of my life. 
I describe myself as very lonely, I didn't ask for this.. not my fault I was born too different for humans to comprehend. 
I see myself an alien and I mostly accept it. 
Another reason is internet became too normified and I feel like I have no place in it anymore.
This is where my social life happened years ago.. if you can call it so. It was minor but it was something.
I'm not a forum person overall but there is no other site pretty much. Everything is getting somehow destroyed as the internet is changing not to be friendly
to loners like it used to be but friendly to all sorts of normie mess. 
However I know this site since almost a decade ago but for some reason I have been rarely vising here (writing/reading), maybe because I have known
myself not to be much a type of person to use forums, I am not even good at using forums but I had other alternatives before they were gone. 
And here I find myself again, walking in circles.. I'll try to actually often lurk on this site but I don't expect much.

I may not be a good typer but it's just because im too depressed and unfocused so don't blame me.. 

If you are curious enough you can ask me stuff, but I wont reply to everything
[Image: 200.gif] Shy
Sorry ur depressed and lonely.
I agree. A lot of the internet is not very friendly sadly. Sad
Hey Shellshock.

Is that a BF1 avatar? That's cool. I never played the game but always wanted to. I like games with a WW1 setting. You don't see that too often.

I didn't play BF1, yet. I chose this image to have some relation to my nickname and also because I have interest in stuff like researching world wars. 

Quote:I like games with a WW1 setting. 
I can suggest you an old game called "Necrovision", it's scifi but the style is totally WW1.
BF 2142 for the win!
Damn... I miss those days. ❤️

[Image: tenor.gif]

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