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Are you Samantha?
Oh! Maybe he was a real Mexicana Chihuahua who saw the type of ppl He likes...

I'm glad he knows the robes. 😉
I'll be all I want to be!

Have you read about Fred Rogers?

I wish he never died... Unwillingly, these days, I typed Samantha unadvertedly.

 Wished i had one friend I liked more than me. But Rogers is right in a thought (a picture). 👇
I'll be all I want to be!
Hello! 'Her' was a really good movie! Felt really bad for Jaoquin at the end though.

It's so cool that you get to teach ethics and philosophy, we don't have these subjects at school level where I am from, but I wish we did. I teach English and I have homeroom as well, but as much as I love my kids, I find they don't like thinking or talking about deeper things. They want to be left alone with their iPads. 🙄 How old are your students, and do they enjoy ethics and philosophy?

I have been a vegan for almost 8 years but I am so horrible at actually cooking decent dishes! What's your favourite vegan dish?
Deniz it's pretty cool ur vegan! Shy

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