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From Argentina looking to meet others
Hi, ive been dealing with loneliness since quite a long time, like more than 2 or 3 years, the reasons doesnt matter.

Im not looking for advices here or cheering, im just looking to find other people who also deals with loneliness and wants to conect, Im 27 old, I preffer to meet people over 26 old.

Ive been spending time just alone, without anyone to talk since so long time, i get used to this. I started joining to depression forums or forums like this, and looking for chatrooms, i thought to find other people who deal with loneliness and willing to make contact with other people was going to be easier, but ive not met anyone since i started with this. Sometimes the boredom to dont have any other to talk is... like a void, the feeling you have when you just dont have any other to talk, just silence, looking in facebook groups to find someone there, with a similar mind to chat, and then just finding people that you doesnt find ok to chat, just looking into a void, and thinking how come is so hard find another one to chat. 

Passing the by day thinking at what time i would meet someone online to chat, with similar views and relating. 

If any wants to chat send me a private message.

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