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Once this part of the forum is open, I don't quite feel I can express myself here...

That's why sometimes I use that other part, that is closed.

It's a little paranoic, I know. The people I'm worried about looking the things I would like to express won't ever show up here. They really don't care about me, and are not searching for my activity in the internet. Furthermore, they are not into forums in English...

Even so, there are things I won't write in an open forum thread. Because I am paranoic, all right. But because I don't feel like throwing secrets to the wind.

One might still say, "well, this is an anonymous forum". Well, yes. But there aren't many Gustavos who are booksellers and Latinists in Rio de Janeiro. It's not difficult (though, as said, people don't care, so they'll never be looking for) to spot me here and know that I am me.

Anyway... whatever.
Hello. I'm Gustavo. (If you call me Gus, it's all right too.)

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