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Have you ever gotten fired because of mental problems?
Just curious where everyone is at on this topic. Have you ever either been fired from a job, or quit a job abruptly, maybe because you were having a panic attack, or couldn’t get out of bed and keep a job due to depression, anything along those lines?
I was the manager at my last job and the owner was rarely ever around to know something was wrong, he was a bit of a bully. I don't even know anyone who got fired for those reasons. I left one that was highly toxic, one of the owners is one of the worst bosses I have ever had and worst person I know. A despicable worthless human being. He was the catalyst of a lot of the issues I had over the years. I never met anyone who was such a piece of garbage before who got his rocks off demoralizing and manipulating his employees. He did things that were illegal and got away with it all.
Sickos never scare me. Least they're committed.  
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Not directly (as it would be considered unlawful in the USA, under most conditions). I have quit jobs after experiencing "mental illness microaggressions," or the stigmatizing speech that even professionals within the field of psychology utilize at times. It's sad how people in general stigmatize mental illness, but even worse when it's your boss, co-workers, mentor in college, or peers in college. Being indirectly fired for having a mental illness typically occurs shortly after disclosure. The boss will sometimes use gaslighting or stonewalling techniques to make you voluntarily leave, such as questioning your abilities or thinking patterns or communication style or relations with your co-workers. Another horrible technique is when the boss gossips about you to other co-workers to make your time there miserable, such as when the boss asks other co-workers to avoid you, ostracize you, or leave you out of important projects and teamwork. The most direct forms of firing often come after disclosure of mental illness and one of the methods above. I've only experienced that once in college, of all places. I didn't have enough evidence to claim discrimination, but I had enough clues over the span of three years in a clinical lab that demonstrated my mentor's and grad student peers' disdain for those who have mental illnesses and attempt to pursue graduate school, or those with certain mental disabilities. It hurts!

(((safe hugs))) to anyone who shares in these horrible discriminatory experiences.
People who do that are scum. 😒
I've experienced that myself although not in a work environment.
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(10-19-2019, 10:00 AM)SeeTheLight Wrote: Just curious where everyone is at on this topic. Have you ever either been fired from a job, or quit a job abruptly, maybe because you were having a panic attack, or couldn’t get out of bed and keep a job due to depression, anything along those lines?

I think it would be illegal in most places, though guess it depends on where you are, and if you are endangering others (not saying that you would). I’ve been turned down for jobs because of my lack of social skills, and the assumption that I wouldn’t “fit in” socially to the workplace environment. I think her in Australia it might even be illegal for an employer to ask about mental health history, I am sure I have been told that it is optional if you tell them or not. I just think it is courtesy to tell them because I know it does effect me (until I got my current job, where I could be on fire and they wouldn’t notice).
I don't remember having been fired and If I'm allowed to make a job, I do remember i could have thought to set them fire .

Near 1988, close to a goldmine, I resigned abrutly after a week, since the outdoors where I worked bricklying was too hot and humid.

If i worked in an unhealthy enviroment (with too low payment) I didn't work more than a week, and I also resigned when I worked (few days) in the Metro of Caracas
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I got fired of my previous job because I was apparently someone who was making threats/sexually charged comments to my coworkers. Since they didnt have enough to make "sexual harrassement" stick, I was fired for "innapropriate behavior in the workplace". Ironically, when I tell that story to the guys and girls I work with now, having been there for a year, they guffaw in exasperated disbelief and wonder what kind of a sick and twisted place I used to work with that they'd fire me of all people for those reasons.
Goes to show you how in the end, it's often a matter of perspective. Someone's "toxic attitude" to one might be normal or even anodine to another.

For being fired for that reason tho, looking back, I should have pressed it on and REALLY been innapropriate. At least I could've gotten a good laugh out of it. My sister still believes its because the young kids I was working with just had it in for me for not being a part of their "clik". I felt like I was on Family Guy...

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