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I have a small job , My life still sucks
Hello , I live in India

Here life is a lot more tougher compared to the richer parts of the world .

I have a small job , I am in charge of purchase stock , billing and sales .

It does not bring much money , Why i am staying here is because i can learn a lot about business in general .

It is a wholesale distributors of pharmaceuticals

Anyway my life still sucks , i have been pursuing a degree for the past 3 years through a distance education mode It will be over in December

That is the only positive thing in my life

Money brings happiness , I don't know when i am going to start earning it for all my needs .

Congratulations! You've made a great start and this little job will make a big difference to your everyday activities even if the wages are low. Money, at least lots of it, doesn't bring happiness. But having some income even if it's lower income all helps with bills, food and over time you will begin feeling that life sucks a lot less.

Welcome to the forum, by the way. I'm new, too.

Thanks for the reply .

I just figured out that i need to write stuffs down so that i can pickup the positive things in my life .

Its not all negative , But it has been very dull for the past 6 years .

I sometimes go out and drink a beer or two , but i do it alone and i don't even have friends that drink beer with me these days .

Everyone is working in different parts of India , All separated due to work related stuffs

I have been living a very dull life for the past 6 years

The media always shows very successful people living very successful lives

There are also very less quality stuffs on the TV and Internet these days to kill some time .

I don't know how to make my life a little bit more happier .

There are new things i can learn like Driving a car , Swimming , Cooking etc

But after the job , there is still not enough time for all these activities .

Here everything like that requires more money .

What a sad part of the world .

I hope things would get better
You don't need money to learn new things, necessarily. I taught myself how to cook. If you have ingredients, you can make something and I'm sure you can switch up what groceries you buy to make something simple.
And there are other things you can learn that don't require money. Sounds like you think money will solve all your problems. It won't. It may help you do things you want to do, but it won't solve all your problems.
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Yes a lot of things don't require too much money .

I must get into a better job once i complete my degree

That might happen within 2 months .

So i am right now a bit excited and tensed due to upcoming final semester exams
Good luck on your upcoming exams! 🍀
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Thanks a lot MissBehave
Tobakki3, I got no response from you last time, but I'll try again.

Rosie007 and TheRealCallie both make wise points about the value of money.  I hope you  understand that gaining more money in your life isn't the primary key to happiness.  Admittedly, it's a factor that can open up more opportunities for experiences (like trips and recreational activities) and provide more comforts and pleasures in life (like a nice house, car, or TV).  But, there are millions of people in the world that have these things and are miserable with their lives.  Just consider the number of rich, famous, and attractive movie stars that have committed suicide.  Clearly, money is important for functioning in this world, but once one gets above poverty level, the pursuit of happiness becomes dependent on other things.
When I look back on my long, blessed life, I thank the Lord for the extraordinary outdoor career, trips, and recreational activities I got to enjoy.  I had more fun, adventures, and experiences than even most americans get to have. But the best memories originate from good, simple, inexpensive times shared with friends.
Obviously, you want to apply yourself to finishing school, pursuing the best available career path, and building some level of financial security.  These things can potentially help life be easier and more pleasurable, but know that true joy, peace, and satisfaction in life comes from relationships. Our whole purpose in this world, our reason for being created, is to love God and to love people.
You'll likely spend the next 20-40 years struggling with work and money problems like most people do.  I encourage you during this career phase of your life to prioritize who you become, rather than what you do.  In the end, your relationship with the Lord and other people will determine your joy and satisfaction in life.  If you haven't learned this from your Muslim family or friends, you may want to ponder the more personal, loving, Christian perspective.  Here's a short half hour video sermon that's worth your time.  You should find it interesting, entertaining, and encouraging.
@Sir Joseph

In my place India , Lots of people are suffering only due to the lack of money .

I am still sad because i can't follow a 800 dollar software accounting course because i don't have the money to follow it right now .

So i am doing a small job and i am trying to save some money to do it .

Even that is hard because i don't make much with this current Job .

I know God for some people can be a comforting thing .

But i don't like the useless calls from the mosque for prayer , nor i believe in Jesus as a God either

They were maybe people with some good ideas .And those ideas and philosophies might be comfortable to some people .

I don't think it has the capacity to solve any real world problems

That is all
Tobakki3, I respect your financial frustrations and wish you success in finishing the coursework that will hopefully lead to a worthwhile career and better days ahead.

I'm sure your immediate, pressing needs of money, school, and work make any spiritual thoughts seem irrelevant and unimportant.  For sure, that's a common view taken by many.  I won't preach to you more now since you're not receptive to it, but only wish you well and say a prayer for you today - that the Lord help you through this tough time and maybe reach your heart through the process.

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