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Facebook account opening issues
Why is Facebook asking for a phone number every time i want to open an account .

That is not all , periodically it will start asking me to upload photographs and ID's to prove my identity .

That old Orkut was 10 times better than this Facebook .

These Facebook people don't know how important anonymity is for the people using it .

You Facebook people sucks .

Well... it is called Facebook... I'm not sure it's the best place to go to be "anonymous".

Also, why do you need more than one account?
(10-28-2019, 08:11 AM)kaetic Wrote: Well... it is called Facebook... I'm not sure it's the best place to go to be "anonymous".

Also, why do you need more than one account?

Couldn't have said it better. There is no such thing as being anonymous or having privacy on Facebook.
I sometimes use accounts in it to arrange things related to study , I don't put my photographs or my family photographs in it anymore .
Even the automated report system is full of shit and useless .

Most people i know had two or 3 accounts in it .

That was during old times .

Nowadays every account requires a phone number

That space is supposed to be more creative and all .

But looks like it is not the purpose it is build for anymore .
Oh, like a gallery of sorts... That's cool.
There are worse things to ask for than a phone number, just saying... And Facebook isn't going to call you. That's really more for security than anything else.
But yeah, online anonymity doesn't really exist anymore.
They already answered your question, facebook was made for real normal people, not anonymous dwellers like us, at least not since 2016 when it basically died(I have at least 10 accounts before the security caps got serious and used to use them for stalking and wishing me happy bdays), only old people and your aunts go there, some pedophiles too, anyway, I know you can skip the phone number stuff on twitter by creating your account using the private window on chrome, im not sure if that works on fb

Yes like a gallery , i have stopped doing that too because every time i create an account to do something like that , i get a message to upload a photo of mine and a phone number .

I only have two phone numbers , i don't have any more numbers to give for facebook .


Yes, Old people idle in it a lot , not much activity around my friends circle either .

Its full of people doing world wide trips these days , i am getting sick of this strange show offs

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