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Want to leave society. Live off the grid/off the land
I think my best route to go, if I am to stay alive, is to simplify my life and start living off the land and off the grid. When I say “off the grid”, I don’t mean literally off the grid. I’m mainly just saying I want to live off the radar of the rest of the world. I still plan to have basic modern niceties such as plumbing/electrical, but to live very modestly, remotely, quietly, peacefully, and away from people and society. I also want to incorporate as much primitive living as possible (i.e. chop my own fire wood, grow my own garden, hunt, raise animals, etc...). 

I want to have a small chunk of land that is big enough to hunt on, with a small log cabin that only has 3 rooms or so (living room/bedroom, bathroom, kitchen). I don’t want hardly any material possessions, nor do I want a lavish house or vehicle. I just want a simple life free from the degeneracy of modern society, and free from the pain it has caused me. I will not continue to try to partake in a world that rejects and degrades me. I will kindly opt out of normal life.

Does anyone here have any good advice on this? How to go about it? Tips?
So you want to be a hermit?
I get that, it's very tempting.
When I've thought about it, I always fantasized about moving to some remote location in Alaska. Permafrost, northern lights and dog sleds. In reality, I'd probably freeze to death or get eaten by a bear... But it's fun to fantasize about, especially after a crappy day of dealing with other people's bullshit.
I bet there are a lot of books, forums and people to find that has good information on this. What kind of animals that are most beneficial to have would depend on where you plan to live. They all got pros and cons. Keeping animsls alive, especially if you have winter where you are requires planning and hard work during the summer to make sure there is enough food for them. Skills to plant, harvest, preserve, hunting, survival, basic medical knowledge, how to raise animals and a solution oriented mind is important. 
I agree with kaetic. This lifestyle is appealing but it would turn deadly very fast without proper knowledge. If you make it, I can imagine it being very rewarding. 
[Image: tenor.gif]
I'm sorry you feel like ths, but I do understand how appalling some places in our society can be.

In the ideal world your desire to live out in the sticks would be great. But what happens when you need a doctor and you don't have transport? Living alone is no fun especially during winter and having to deal with storms and possible flooding, and there is the ever-present threat of wildfire during the hotter months.

To become fully self-sufficient it would be ideal to have solar panelling so you could enjoy a warm shower and some light. Otherwise it will be jolly cold bathing and inconvenient having to use candles. What if a candle tipped over and you have a fire?

My daughter is group leader in a camp that teaches young people how to survive. She's a seasoned survivalist and tough despite her 12 years. I bought her a book she asked for: Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival. It would be very advantageous if you bought it.

Good luck! Smile
Hi, again!

You asked an advice?

When I read this, " I still plan to have basic modern niceties such as plumbing/electrical, but to live very modestly, remotely, quietly, peacefully, and away from people and society. " I thought to myself: is she/he another @SecularHermit ? "

I'd done that! I haven't finished my little hood in years (and I have some materials to finish half of what i had planned) yet I still miss a woman, a secular hermit like me.
I'll be all I want to be!
"...But what happens when you need a doctor and you don't have transport..."

That question wasn't addressed to me but, few days ago I too my mother to the hospital and, later on, I payed a visit to the ER and I saw ppl falling apart just in front of DOCTORS, I myself stepped myself from lifting a young lady who fell fainted in front of 2 doctors (I wasn't wearing gloves and I don't know who she was) and the place where my Mom stayed stinked like a morgue (and 2 or 3 ppl died while I returned to eat at my mother).

As far as I have lived, ppl died at sleeing, with a heart arrest or in a crashed car. 

My own Mom is sick (and unhappy) thinking , "cities would be a better shelter in her golde age " andr she lost 2 houses she had in the countryside.
I'll be all I want to be!
I've never lived with  4 seasons! If you never lived in a tent or enjoyed your weekends on a mountain, you need to know yourself.

I lived in the jungle for 3 months at got bored of the Pemon style of life and, living totally alone, could drive ppl depressed.

What's your backgrown at scouting?

Were you a deal or a boy/girl scout?

You know your all!
I'll be all I want to be!
I meant a SEAL...
I'll be all I want to be!
I subscribe to this thread!
I'll be all I want to be!
If you really planned to be autharquic, I recommend several books of John Seymour. I think he's a british author who have written, at least, 2 useful books you could google and download (freely) online. The last book I had, I gave to my son Elisha. I hope he himself learn what I have enjoyed. El
I'll be all I want to be!

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