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Treatment Resistant anyone?
Has anyone else been dealing with a diagnosed mental illness, be it depression, anxiety, personality disorders, psychotic disorders, etc; that has not responded to any treatment? 

I been suffering for over a a decade. Been diagnosed with several disorders over the years. Since the beginning, I been taking medications and was always in therapy, many different therapists over the years. Not only have I never got better or improved but I actually been getting worse steadily over the past 3 years. I don't have hope anymore, and I don't see the point in giving it time or having patience, as that is what I been doing for over 10 years. But the fact that it just keeps on getting worse and worse as time goes on is really extremely discouraging and makes me feel I am beyond hope and help. 

If anyone else is dealing with this, how are you coping? How long have you been dealing with this? What have you tried? 
The issue with mental health treatments, for like depression and anxiety, not more serious things, is that you have to want to get better. You have to be open for the treatment to work. It's not always a chemical imbalance in the brain, so meds won't always work. Therapy is tricky because if you don't want to do the hard work, if you are looking for a magic cure or you aren't open to getting out of your rut, that won't work either.
Getting out of your own rut is extremely hard work and it takes some longer than others to get the courage enough to do what it takes to leave what they've known for so long. Because regardless how miserable you are, the misery is familiar, whereas the path to getting better is unknown, scary, uncomfortable, hard.
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When I was younger I faced ashma and now i'm healed, but I'm suffering from the economic disorder everyone in Venezuela gets Ill. 😞

Now, seriously, I've noticed my Mom cant be cured and, a couple ot ppl in my family are showing several disorders that are causing us (all) too many problems:

One brother made (hinself) a vídeo where he appeared with His exwife having His gun in the mouth, as he was to give her a shot... Should I permit he gets too close to my.mother? Not! And I already got the law to proyecto her from this mad.

Tomorrow, another brother, our Mom and I planned to be checked and scanned to see how mentally ill a ny of us could be presently.

I never had any mental disorder, but I could be crazy as they are. ☺

In a nutshell, as some said, "misery is familiar"
I'll be all I want to be!
Yep. Have been in and out of therapy since I was 17 (now 43). Been to over 25+ different therapists in that time. Medication hasn’t worked. CBT hasn’t worked. All that mindfulness stuff didn’t do a damn thing. Writing lists about the good things I like about myself didn’t help. Standing in front of a mirror and practicing conversation has been pointless. I believe none of it has helped or been useful because I know the problem still exists. I know what is causing my depression is still there, no matter what therapy I try or how much positive thoughts I try to give myself. Of course I want to get better, but just wanting to doesn’t matter, being open to therapy isn’t much good if that therapy is of no use.

Some days I don’t deal with it. Some days I can’t. Most days I end up having a cry at some point. Probably kind of like you, hope now is just a word. My fuel tank of hope is long since gone dry. I want to fill it up again, but I also know that, for me, that will take more than wishing and wanting it to be. It will take more than just trying, and more than “putting yourself out there”. Loneliness drains it way to quickly.
^ I’m glad I haven’t bothered with it then. I don’t think I could tolerate someone trying to get me to engage in mental trickery in order to be happy in circumstances they personally would never be willing to accept. (Instead of just acknowledging that being alone sucks, and offering a few worthwhile tips on how to deal with it.) I might have ended up getting a bit prickly and making a few inappropriate comments in those situations.
i'm losing my self for 36 years everything is stolen, i'm broken mentally and physically though i'm survived but i lost my many potentials that i could have done in my past life, so i typed on youtube channel "why my parent hates me?" because i don't think that a parent ever hate their children but their actions and words are off is more treating me like their enemy or competitor.

i was exhausted that time i want answer so then i found topic of narcissism in parent. now everything makes sense. i found the key.

i'm healing bit by bit, better and better each day, to get my creativity again, my hope, dream, my potential, my relationship, my social relation, my identity, my true character, etc.
must be me right?  Cool

Yeah. I was a human guinea pig in all the psych hospitals I've been in and also to every psychiatrist and psychologist I've ever encountered. Either the pills did nothing or had insufferable side effects like lethargy, weight gain, dizziness, insomnia, tardive dyskinesia, etc. Therapists were also a waste of time, too. My mind just doesn't slow down enough to be receptive to CBT or mindfulness. Sigh. At least they tried.
Know I have commented on this already, but, yes, wanting to get better is the first step. If you are seeking treatment, asking for help, then that is a sign of wanting to get better. Now, I can only go from my own experiences here in Australia, over many, many years, but, it seems that most therapists here just go with whatever the textbooks say. It seems to be assumed that one treatment fits all. And with loneliness, I have found that most therapists, all therapists I have been to, can’t get their heads around that you don’t have a supportive family or group of friends. Being open to therapy working is all well and good .... if that therapy works for you.
(11-03-2019, 08:22 PM)TheRealCallie Wrote: you have to want to get better. 

That's what a lot of people say, but I think it's BS.. I obviously don't want to get better cuz being depressed and anxious all the time is such a picnic..
It does take some effort on behalf of the subject at hand, but nobody wants to live with these things.. For me personally, it's the lack of REAL support.

Below linked, the notebook from the Joker movie. It's so true.. The majority of people, deep down, don't give a fuck if you're fixed, cured, or happy; they just want you to get the fuck over it and continue working your pointless job and shoveling 50-75% of what you should be getting, into the pocket of the guy up top that's not paying any taxes. Just be "Normal".. Don't be yourself, don't be unique. Just follow the simple guidelines laid down before you were born and do what you're told..
If you've got no friends, and naturally repel people and make everyone hate you (no matter how nice you try to be), the answer is to "seek professional help". Go to some paid professional, so they can tell you to get out more and make a better effort to interact with people, TRY HARDER...
They say that the definition of insanity is to continue to do the same thing, and expect different results. Then why does society do exactly that, categorically, and expect us to do the same..?
For the record, I been dealing with this since birth, it's just gotten exponentially worse in the past year. I'm applying for disability, since that's the only REAL help that the gov offers, but even since sending off the application, it's 3-5 months minimum. And I imagine that since I'm not missing a limb or anything, they'll probably ask for more information and extend it to no less than a year.. That's IF they even give it to me, and don't just tell me to get over it.. I mean, I'm clearly able to work a job, since I've had 10-15 of them in my life..
As for medication, the dextroamphetamine worked great for the first 2-3 years, but since my social/family life went down the shitter; even that doesn't seem to have much affect.

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